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Leadership Portal

We are here to serve with EXCELLENCE through Empath, Grace, and Grit!

We want to be known as the most caring Chick-fil-A to both our team members and our guests.

Welcome to our Leadership Portal!

Here will be your one stop shop for all things promotion-related. 

You will find the expressions of interest forms which will have to be filled out at the beginning of any promotion process.  

You will also be able to see the road map with the different job responsibilities for your aspirational viewing pleasure. 

Here's an overview of the process:

1) When ever you feel ready, you will apply for the position you are seeking by filling out the expression of interest form on this site. 

2) Once your expression of interest has been reviewed, our talent director will determine whether you qualify for the position in which you have applied. 

3) Following the determination of whether you qualify for the position in which you are applying, you will be given a book and a specific process that you need to follow in order to move up to the next position

4) The Talent Director will then give you an interview date in which you will need to have read the book, followed all steps in the process detailed by the talent director, and come ready to answer any all questions related to the book and to the position in which you have applied.  

**The determination as to whether or not you get the promotion consists of how well you perform in the onutlined process, how you perform in your quarterly evaluations, as well as how you perform in the interview.**