Roap Map

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."

-Steve Jobs

1) Trainee

  • New prospects to the team. These people have proven themselves to be potential "Brand Champions." Go through rigorous training and evaluation to be moved into the Team Member category.


  • Create operational excellence

  • Build confidence

  • Ensure self-reliance (they will have the knowledge and understanding they need for every relevant task and role)

  • Consistency of outcomes and experiences

  • Personal safety of team members and guests

  • Immerse in the culture of Chick-fil-A

  • Teach and reinforce the history of Chick-fil-A and the vision of Truett Cathy

  • Model the language of hospitality and demonstrate Core 4 and 2nd Mile Service in all actions with all individuals during training

  • Reinforce the understanding that we may be a quick-serve restaurant but we do not have to act like it

  • Inspiration to be REMARKable in all they do

  • Develop the leadership traits of dependability, responsibility and initiative

Priorities- Completion of the Training Plan, Acceptance of the Culture, A My Pleasure Attitude

2) Team Member:

  • The MOST IMPORTANT part of the team! Provide phenomenal service to our guests and fellow Team Members using the Core 4 and 2nd Mile Service Principles.


  • Work your scheduled shifts and arrive on time every shift

  • Arrive for your shift in full uniform: shirt, pants, belt, non-slip shoes, nametag, pen (men must be cleanly shaved, women with long hair should have it pulled back into a pony tail/bun)

  • Know the CFA corporate purpose statement

  • Know and do the “Core Four”:

    • Make Eye Contact with the Guest

    • Smile Genuinely at the Guest

    • Speak Enthusiastically to the Guest

    • Stay Connected with the Guest

  • Understand our strategy to create “Raving Fans”

    • Operational Excellence

      • Serve Craveable Food

      • Be Attentive and Courteous to Guests

      • Be Surprisingly Fast

      • Keep a Refreshingly Clean Restaurant

      • Order Accuracy – 100% every time

    • 2nd Mile Service

    • Emotional Connections Marketing (The Cowz…)

  • Keep a “sense of urgency” and a “pep in your step” when it comes to serving our Guests

  • When things slow down, know what you should be doing next – if you’re not sure, ask the shift manager

  • Giving up a scheduled shift will be rare

  • If you committed to a certain availability in the interview, we expect you to hold to that

  • You will be trained in the “Chick-fil-A” way, strive to hold to that standard

3) Senior Team Member:

-Team Members who have proven themselves to be exemplary with regard to Operation Excellence, Brand Standards, and Store Culture.

Guest satisfaction and guest retention is contingent on the performance of our Team Members.


  • All of the above Roles/Responsibilities

  • Being the example for their team

  • Embodying excellence in all that they do

  • Making sure every guest feels like they are the only person there

  • Making sure they are a continuing to be a team player and working to better the team each and every day


FOH- Guests, Tables & Chairs, Floors & RR’s, Glass & Fixtures, Stocking

BOH- Screens (no blue), Wiping down surfaces, Sweep your area, Stock your area,Extra Cleaning list

4) Trainers:

-The backbone of operational excellence.

Keeps up to date with all operational procedures to ensure proper training and accountability are being upheld.

Roles/Responsibilities-Serve Guests, Handle Food Safely, Training, Coaching,Tracking Progress


-Serving Guests, Train New Team Members, Coach Existing Team Members, Maintain Training Trackers

5) Assistant Director-

-The “tool-pusher” of our operations. Assistant Directors are trainers, shepherds, standard-bearers, coaches, and encouragers for Team Members.

Roles/Responsibilities- Plan shifts & control labor, Coach Team Members, Push the Weekly Plan, Guarantee guest experience standards, Guarantee policy/procedure compliance

Priorities- Flow of food (no blue),

Break away from operations to: Observe and engage Team Members, Observe and address cleanliness and stocking needs

**Special Roles**

Director on Duty- A “floating” role (vs. fixed) assigned to planning and executing the shift, making adjustments to personnel to keep all lines moving and screens out of the blue. They are responsible for on-shift checklists.

Team Support- A “floating” role normally assigned to a flex upstream or 4th register position who works to make Team Members feel excellent at their jobs and cared for by leadership. They handle money, observe, coach and affirm Team Members.

6) Director-

-Administrative-minded leader responsible for a specific domain of the business:

  • Kitchen

  • Front Counter

  • Drive-Thru

  • Training

  • Catering

  • Marketing

  • Maintenance

Roles/Responsibilities- Communicate and Push the weekly plan, Coach & Mentor Assistant Directors, Hold Assistant Directors accountable

Priorities- Coach Assistant Directors toward great, driven shifts, Push execution of the weekly plan, Validate all systems in place (jolt checklists, google forms, etc)